The founding Families


Alan Armáda and Sarah Armáda were the first of the wealthy families to arrive with their three children Alex, Sal and Astrid. They were a wealthy merchant family that specialized in tailoring and furniture. As time has passed on they have a controlling interest in most of the companies in Rhapsody.


Maury Crain and Mary Crain were the third of the wealthy families to arrive with their two sons Max and Grahm. They come from a long line of old money that originated in the trade of information as well as obscure and rare goods. Today they are seated inside of the government of Rhapsody.


Valentín Cross and Clare Cross were the second of the wealthy families to arrive with their son Viggo. Upon their arrival Clare gave birth to triplet boys, Valentín 2nd, Victor and Varsàny. Clare almost did not survive the birth of her three sons but thanks to her husband’s medical background and the herbal skills of Sarah Armáda she made it. The Cross family excelled at education and their money came from societal contributions, science and banking. Today the Cross family has a large hand in pharmaceuticals, education and the stock market. The Cross family is responsible for building Rhapsody University and a few corporations laying within Rhapsody. Today most of their money comes from their work around the world “Cross Global”.


Wolf Talcom and Hema Talcom were the last of the wealthy families to arrive during the construction of Rhapsody. They arrived with their sons Viper, Bison and Charles (from Hema’s previous marriage). The Talcom family acquired their fortune through mining several minerals, precious stones and coal. They also attained advanced agricultural knowledge. In the beginning there was plenty of farm land in Rhapsody but a lot of that has changed. Today the Talcom family owns the every piece of the Ravenous Mountains and most of the Atlas Forest. They make their money primarilty from farm fresh products and mining.

The founding Families

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