Carnal Coast


[1:59:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Game starting in 3..2..1
[1:59:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Game in Session
[1:59:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You all sit in your

apartments having had exchanged contact information with

each other. Still baffled by the unrealistic events you

try get back on with your normal lives but you are too

distracted You do whatever it is you do to calm yourselves

so that you can get some sleep. You lay in bed and you get

this sinking feeling like you are being dragged into your

mattress. You struggle but by the time you get some get

control of your body you are standing in the middle of a

lake with the other psychics.
[2:00:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashely is

unsure of her footing while standing on the water and gives

a worried expression in the direction of Henry
[2:01:17 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopcia looks around and

immediately orates "Oh shit! a bitch is off some other

Christ like shit!"
[2:04:20 PM] Lando Griffin: (I guess we can start doing

stuff, so…) Lando scratches his chin and looks around,

managing to still be tired even while in his dream. "So,

you guys again. I guess you just can’t get enough of me."
[2:04:58 PM] Slate Stone: He would look around some then

down and then back around. “…” he would just kind of

look around a bit more. "Yeah like I want to be here right

[2:05:35 PM] Lando Griffin: "Well I know this has to be one

of ‘those’ kind of dreams. If it were a normal dream,

you’d all be naked and I’ll be less irritable."
[2:06:13 PM] Henry Shore: “… ‘Those’ kind of dreams?”
[2:06:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashley

reaches down to try and touch the water but it seems to

want to repell from her. "We are all sharing the same

[2:07:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecia

trolls about "naw bitch, this is me trippin from that ciroc

I took to the head to try and get some sleep"
[2:08:43 PM] Lando Griffin: "There’s one way to prove it:

When each of you wake up, write down what you saw in this

dream. Then we’ll call each other and see for sure. Trust

me, I’m smarter than most of you anyway." I throw out a

cocky smile and examine the scene around us
[2:09:12 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore makes a mental note

to forget all this in the morning
[2:10:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You hear a hissing sound as

the water turns to smoke and lifts up into the air, under

neat you are dried roots and lumps of clay.
[2:10:45 PM] Slate Stone: He would raise a brow as the

whole thing would start to change and he looked around

[2:11:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lmatfo))
[2:11:26 PM] Alex Thornton: "So does this place actually

look familiar to anyone?"
[2:11:34 PM] Lando Griffin: Have I been to this place, or

any place like it before? Is it familiar or …(and Nick

goes the same route)
[2:11:51 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecial

jests "Now, my black ass don’t know what the fuck campin

[2:12:17 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry is a bit of a woodsman,

is it familiar to him?))
[2:12:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((nope lol he hasn’t been

here before))
[2:12:54 PM] Lando Griffin: "Well it don’t look like grit

and shit, so it’s not the Lower East."
[2:13:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (HA!)
[2:13:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You hear a noise similar to

bad dubstep droppin the bass
[2:14:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecai

makes the strangest face “is this the remix?”
[2:14:22 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore allows the dream to

unfold. It’s just random firing of synapses. He knows God

abhors the use of visions and psychic powers, and surely

wouldn’t send such a thing to his faithful.
[2:15:20 PM] Alex Thornton: *Looks around for any kind of

landmarks, buildings, cell phone towers or anything*
[2:16:11 PM] Lando Griffin: I’m listening to the bass

sound, trying to figure out what it is
[2:16:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You see a small ball of roots

floating out of the distance and coming closer to you.

You feel a warm sensation, you know that you are somehow

safe. You get a glimpse of what may be angel wings but you

aren’t certain.
[2:17:05 PM] Alex Thornton: "This is why I stopped taking

[2:17:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (HA!)
[2:18:13 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry is going to continue

observing blithely until there’s some problem of a physical

nature to address, and even then he might be slow to

respond. he’s convinced of the unreality of this

[2:20:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The ball of roots burst into

white flames that produces a blinding white light. The

flames are over almost as soon as they started. Sitting

atop the floating roots is a young native child.
[2:20:14 PM] Slate Stone: He would watch and still wished

for one of his guns
[2:20:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.:
[2:21:04 PM] Lando Griffin: "Ahh hell, you guys’re just

loitering." I start to walk over to root-girl. "Hey Kid!

Why the heck are we all here?"
[2:23:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The child speaks in a voice

too androgynous to pinpoint a gender yet still sounds

adult. “I’ve brought you hear because of what was done to

you. I am Annap and I am here to make you aware of your

[2:23:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lol the identity of your

Mentor Merit has just been revealed FYI))
[2:24:28 PM] Lando Griffin: "Oh… well hey there Annie.

So what ‘potential’ are you getting at?"
[2:24:52 PM] Lando Griffin: I seem a little nervous about

our new guest, buy my curiosity is getting the better of

[2:25:23 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore isn’t familiar with a

Saint Annap. Perhaps he’ll look it up later.
[2:27:28 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. me Annap’s

eyes change from brown to blue "You were all taken against

your will because and forcibly activated to help a selfish

few gain power. It back fired on them when another one of

their subjects escaped and proceeded to let the beasts out

of their cages."
[2:27:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Aleko shugs:

“It wasn’t me”
[2:28:03 PM] Lando Griffin: “Activated?”
[2:32:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Annap ’s eyes vibrate and you

are all back in the sea lab but in an area swarming with

the monsters killing the scientists. You know that you are

just seeing what happened but its still unnerving. "You

were born gifted, all of you. The catholics called it

adornments, the mystics called it magic and the scientists

of this time call it psychic ability. What usualy awakens

by training and practice… has been forced using their

dark science".
[2:32:54 PM] Lando Griffin: (I need to use the restroom.

Assume I have general curiosity and am just asking

clarifying questions if no one else is acting)
[2:33:33 PM] Slate Stone: "Ok so something happened that

forced us to awaken instead of like we should?"
[2:35:56 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Annap’s eyes

vibrate again and you are transported to the labs where you

all are unconcious and being suspended. "They injected a

solution into the base of your skulls and used some sort of

energy unknown to me"
[2:36:24 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecia

spins around "LITTLE BOY! You need to stop flippin the

script on a bitch …"
[2:38:22 PM] Alex Thornton: "So what does all this mean for

[2:41:50 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Annap replies "you have to

potential to become more powerful than you are now but

sciences usded are unknown. You have to track them down

and figure out what it is that they did to you exactly…

there could be side effects that could possibly lead to

your death or turn you into a monsters", Annap’s eyes

vibrate and you are in a field of blue flowers overlooking

a woman in a white dress standing in front of a stone

[2:42:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry recognizes this as a

painting at his church
[2:42:51 PM] Henry Shore: (does he recognize the woman as

any particular figure or is she just Woman in White)
[2:43:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashley looks

around and asks “How do we get this information?”
[2:43:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (white in white)
[2:43:11 PM] Lando Griffin: (I’m back)
[2:43:35 PM] .:Storyteller:.: suddenly an image flashes in

your mind

[2:44:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Annap’s voice starts to fade

and the dream becomes hazy as fog rolls in and consumes the

[2:45:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "you .. need to find.. him..

he will help you… ww a 77889"
[2:45:33 PM] Slate Stone: Continuing to listen to the howl

thing he would be waiting to see what would continue along

the way.
[2:48:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The bass drops again and you

are all awake in a gasp that thrusts you forward. You are

a tad bit sweaty and flushed. You hearts race as a

drumbing noise is left over in your ears that slowly fades.

The sun is up and the clock reads 6am. The birds sings

their gay songs of freedom and worm eatin. It’s a strange

saterday morning but you are glad to be home.
[2:48:36 PM] Lando Griffin: I immediately grab my pad of

paper and pen and start scrawling down everything I can

recall (WITH MY EIDETIC MEMORY MWAHAHA) from the dream.
[2:48:51 PM] Alex Thornton: I’m gonna find some paper and

do the same
[2:48:56 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO!!!))
[2:49:38 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore has only a hazy

memory of the dream, but makes a mental note to ask his

pastor about this Annap character. The name tugs at the

edges of his memory, but he’s certain it’s not any saint he

[2:50:05 PM] Slate Stone: Rolls back over into bed and

would make sure he had another two hours of sleep before he

had to wake up.
[2:51:37 PM] Lando Griffin: I’m going to make breakfast and

trawl the Internet, to see if I can figure out anything

about Metrosexual Arm Tattoo Guy
[2:52:59 PM] Alex Thornton: *goes back to sleep after

finishing writing stuff down*
[2:53:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashley awakes

to her older brother Ashton trolling her "Relax, it’s

saterday, you aren’t late for the bus, breakfast is done if

you want any." She goes to get her phone to group text

[2:55:21 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The mass text reads: "OMG did

you guys have the same dream as me? there was this egyptian

kid talking about our potential and there was a feild of

blue flowers! I’m not on drugs I swear!"
[2:56:12 PM] Lando Griffin: I laugh and text back about the

water and the root-girl and Metrosexual Arm Tattoo Guy.
[2:57:18 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore never did quite get a

handle on this texting thing
[2:57:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashley

giggles and texts back "I think I know who that is, I’ve

walked past his shop before, its kinda like a pawn shop I

[2:58:14 PM] Lando Griffin: I’m going to continue searching

for info on the guy, using info provided by Ashley.
[3:00:38 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Lando stubles upon a list of

shops pawn shops in Rhapsody and sees that there is a place

called “Jimmy Choose” where there is a picture of a guy

lifting a large crate with the same tattoos as the guy in

the dream. "If you are looking for it, however strange we

may have it".
[3:02:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley pics up the class of

water on her night stand and concentrates on it
[3:02:17 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //6d
[3:02:17 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos

rolled 6d10; result:
10, 1, 10, 9, 6, 7
Second Rolls:
5, 6
Number of Successes: 3
[3:03:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The glass of water slightly

shifts and cools 15 degrees (lol cryo fail), she hardly

notices the temperature difference and goes to take a

[3:05:53 PM] Lando Griffin: I guess I need to wait for

other people to wake up and be ready to do stuff, so in the

meantime I’m going to do some programming stuff. Probably

work on my wardriving apps (Gotta steal EVERYONE’S wifi…)
[3:06:59 PM] Henry Shore: ((whenever you feel it’s

appropriate, henry’s gonna skitter over to CHURCH
[3:07:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[3:07:03 PM] Henry Shore: TABERNACLE))
[3:07:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LOL its cool to go now))
[3:07:45 PM] Alex Thornton: *wakes up and starts getting

[3:07:50 PM] Slate Stone: Would finally wake up and then

would roll over checking his phone and would look at it and

would text back "And here I was hoping it was just a

[3:08:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((remember his car is a mess

so he is gonna have to take the bus or call daddy issues to

come get him or something))
[3:09:14 PM] Henry Shore: ((he can take the bus))
[3:10:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecia joins the text all

late ((CPT)) "DAMN! I tought I wuz da only 1! dat nigga was

fine is shit dawg! Let a bitch know watsup cuz im def in,

4 realz!"
[3:11:24 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry makes it to the bus

stop and see’s Ashely sitting there waiting.
[3:11:59 PM] Lando Griffin: Is everyone meeting up to go to

Jimmy Choose?
[3:13:16 PM] Henry Shore: ((my ass is going to church))
[3:13:28 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((CHURCH))
[3:13:37 PM] Henry Shore: ((fuck a jimmy choose for henry,

he’s on his way for spiritual counseling))
[3:13:47 PM] Slate Stone: He would slowly make his way down

towards the bus and of course he would be strapped
[3:13:58 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((Ashley is going to the

church too for the library and then to Jimmy choose))
[3:14:19 PM] Henry Shore: ((i was just about to ask her

where she was heading XD))
[3:14:37 PM] Lando Griffin: I have a car. Which I’ll

drive. And say “fuck the bus is for fags.”
[3:14:57 PM] Alex Thornton: i have a car as well, which

i’ll drive as well
[3:15:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((the environment much))
[3:15:10 PM] Lando Griffin: Carpooling isn’t for fags

[3:15:17 PM] Alex Thornton: fuck the environment
[3:15:39 PM] Lando Griffin: Excellent. Are we all meeting

up there at the same time? (Except Mr Godman)
[3:15:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecial hops on my her

motorcycle and makes sure her weave is str8.
[3:16:08 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry will have a car in a few

in-game months))
[3:16:34 PM] Lando Griffin: Anywhow. I assume we arrive at

the same time?
[3:16:39 PM] Lando Griffin: Or wait for eachother
[3:16:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: What is slate doing?)
[3:17:21 PM] Lando Griffin: he’s bussing with his gun,

[3:17:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (yeah but his destination

[3:17:54 PM] Slate Stone: [the pawn shop]
[3:18:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecial

passes the popeyes on the way to the pawn shop and thinks

“a bitch should get a 2 peice”
[3:18:21 PM] Henry Shore: ((if y’all are heading to jimmy

choose right now, in cars and motorcycles no less, i can’t

imagine henry or ashley, who’s destination is the church in

a bus, will be meeting y’all there))
[3:18:49 PM] Lando Griffin: (I figured Mr. Godman wouldn’t

be coming)
[3:19:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Pawn shope scene
[3:20:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecial puts a motorcycle

lock on her bike "niggas betta not even TRY and steal my

shit. I WISH they would"
[3:20:23 PM] Lando Griffin: "You are too black for words,

[3:21:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: she flips her weave “RIGHT!”
[3:21:45 PM] Slate Stone: He shook his head as he would

check on his guns and of course his C&C as he would look

around at the pawn shop
[3:21:47 PM] Alex Thornton: *parks, gets out and walks up

to the others*
[3:23:14 PM] Lando Griffin: "Alright, so. I assume Alex

wants to work the guy over. Slate, you can handle things

if they get out of hand. I’ll scope out the store and see

if there’s anything… fishy."
[3:23:21 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecial

sucks her teeth and makes sure he knife is well consealed.
[3:23:31 PM] Lando Griffin: "Oh, and Alo… try not to kill

[3:25:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You guys enter the shop, it

seems normal at first but then you start to notice some

really weird shit on display. A well breasted woman

jiggles her way from the back of the store and denotes

“Wow, customers this early in the day, what can I do you

[3:25:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.:

[3:26:53 PM] Lando Griffin: Those cans are huge
[3:27:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[3:27:46 PM] Slate Stone: (lol)
[3:29:48 PM] Alex Thornton: “We’re looking for the owner.”
[3:32:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Aubrey eyes

Lando and realizes what he is staring at and then she

smirks "He won’t be around until later today, he usually

comes in before dark to switch shifts but he should be in

much earlier today, maybe around 3 or so… Whats this

[3:32:23 PM] Lando Griffin: “Nice cans.”
[3:33:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alopecial

gives Lando the “oh no the fuck he didn’t”face
[3:33:10 PM] Alex Thornton: "Its a bit hard to explain,

suffice to say I think we have something in common with him

we’d like to discuss."
[3:33:22 PM] Slate Stone: He chuckled at that and would

then just look around the shop
[3:35:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Aubrey gives a small laugh

“ha, I doubt that but I’m sure he can answer your questions

better than I… perhaps I can intrest you in some goods?"

she looks to Lando "I’m sorry but we dont’ sell milk shakes

here honey"
[3:35:54 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((brb my dad needs me to

throw the TV at the something))
[3:37:27 PM] Lando Griffin: I shrug and start to look

around the store. <swing>
[5:45:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Adrianna clicks in and the

rest of the girls follow, Saracen… looks so out of place
[5:46:00 PM] Lando Griffin: <we>
[5:46:15 PM] Alex Thornton: (my guy dresses nicely)
[5:46:27 PM] Henry Shore: ((meanwhile i hope there’s no

fighting involved. henry has no reason to have his weapon

on him))
[5:46:46 PM] Alex Thornton: (good thing the other 6 of us

have guns)
[5:46:51 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (same with Slate XD you see

that hot ass suit in his pic, you can hide more guns in a

[5:47:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (lol and this little girl

with yawl is even more fuckin hilarious)
[5:48:46 PM] Alex Thornton: (i just imagine Dakota Fanning

from Push)
[5:48:56 PM] Henry Shore: ((i forget all about my

brawl/boxing shits))
[5:49:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LOL PRETTY MUCH))
[5:49:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (Henry can probably shake the

foundation of this building, so dont’ worry)
[5:50:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You typical corperate Musak

is playing as you all enter, the receptionis immediatly

takes notice of you
[5:50:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((nick you are up lol use

your social lolz))
[5:51:30 PM] Alex Thornton: *walks up with a smile on his

face* “We’re here to see Mr. Silversmith.”
[5:54:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: This poor receptionist looks

so confused and then he asks "Do you uhg… have an

[5:55:12 PM] Lando Griffin: (Let me go over something with

[5:55:36 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (nick if this goes wrong lol

you can push thoughts into his head)
[5:57:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: in any event roll Manip +

[5:57:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: persausion tha tis
[5:58:41 PM] Alex Thornton: "We do actually, my name is

Alex Stone with the Saracen Security Group. We were hired

to do a penetration test on your system to make sure that

all your computer data is secure. There is a chance that it

wasn’t written down so that we can get a real test of your

systems and your admins readiness in case a real attack

were to occur."
[6:00:22 PM] Alex Thornton: do i get a bonus with my fast

talk specialty?
[6:01:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yes you get 1 die apparenlty

I just checked the book on that one lol
[6:01:21 PM] Alex Thornton: (thats what i was looking for

as well)
[6:01:24 PM] Alex Thornton: //7d
[6:01:24 PM] .:Storyteller:.: drugar312 rolled 7d10;

3, 4, 2, 3, 1, 9, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:01:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((o_O THESE ROLLS))
[6:02:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ALSO CHECKED THE BOOK
[6:02:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: because you hare wearing

convincing clothes
[6:02:52 PM] .:Storyteller:.: +1
[6:03:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The receptionist isn’t cully

convinced but it sounds just about right
[6:04:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.: He becons for security to let

your through with a really gay jesture. His office is on

the 4th floor I’ll call a head and tell him to expect you.
[6:04:59 PM] Lando Griffin: <well,>
[6:05:14 PM] Alex Thornton: “Most appreciated, thank you.”
[6:05:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashley sighs,

“I think I’ve had about as much as I can stand of

elevators… I’ll meet you guys up there, I’m gonna use the

restroom and take the stairs"
[6:06:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. the

receptionist gives you all the customer service smile while

going back to his crossword puzzel. 11 down is “COCK
[6:06:59 PM] Alex Thornton: heads to the elevator
[6:07:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((it will also be suspect if

Henry follows her to the restroom))
[6:07:39 PM] Henry Shore: he’ll wait for her by the stairs

[6:08:22 PM] Lando Griffin: I’m going to inspect their

systems as we travel, looking to see if I can glean any

information that might be useful in actually hacking these

[6:09:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Saracen cracks her knuckles

and fusses with her mohawk
[6:09:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "Saracen security huh? I

like the sound of that"
[6:09:54 PM] Alex Thornton: (good thing half the group

looks straight out of a fuckin hacker movie)
[6:10:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (LOL OMG RIGHT)
[6:10:11 PM] Lando Griffin: (Saracen aren’t Christian.)
[6:10:16 PM] Lando Griffin: (Damn Muslims)
[6:10:30 PM] Alex Thornton: “Work with what you got.”
[6:11:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You guys reach the 4th floor

via elevator, Ashley and Henry shortly appear comming up

the stairs.
[6:12:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (so are some people splittin

up or what? I’m assuming social people will be heading to

the office and hacker/ theif people will be gettin it

together or what?"
[6:13:06 PM] Lando Griffin: I’m definitely grabbing a

clipboard as soon as possible and pretending to go to work.
[6:13:28 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (awesome)
[6:14:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley and Henrgy stil with

the Socials, Alekos heads off with Lando
[6:16:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You guys are upon Kenin’s

door, it reads Silversmith all up on it
[6:16:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: do you knock.
[6:16:50 PM] Alex Thornton: knocks
[6:17:16 PM] Lando Griffin: (Are we doing this

simulateously or am I waiting)
[6:18:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Office Scene ( you and

Alekos will be waiting on stand by for your scene)
[6:18:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Kevin informs you that it’s

[6:19:18 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry’s going to remain pretty

much useless unless we run into: cars, something to hit,

[6:20:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lol XD sorry this game

wasn’t meant to be combat focused this session, lol its a

gold mining game but hitting shit will pop of later))
[6:21:30 PM] Alex Thornton: walks in "Hello, my names

Alex Stone." holds out hand to shake "I was told to come

talk to you by Jimmy."
[6:21:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.:

[6:22:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((he is essentially making

that expression too))
[6:22:25 PM] Lando Griffin: I think I spot boobs
[6:23:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Kevin looks the group over

and then questions without shaking your hand "I don’t know

a Jimmy… Do you have an appointment?"
[6:25:26 PM] Alex Thornton: (considering options real

[6:26:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (XD okay)
[6:26:22 PM] Lando Griffin: (Tell him he’s got nice cans

and his ass isn’t bad either.)
[6:26:49 PM] Alex Thornton: i want to try and read his mind

to see if he knows jimmy or about what happened to us
[6:26:57 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((loves how Alex looks like a

Nazi Jew))
[6:27:17 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (okay let me get that book up

so I know exactly what is happening))
[6:27:44 PM] Alex Thornton: i spend a willpower point, roll

int + empathy vs his composure + supernatural advantage
[6:28:03 PM] Alex Thornton: and since my mind reading is so

high i can basically see whatever i want if i succeed
[6:28:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: also believers
[6:28:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: XD +1 for every person in the

room that is of the original psychic group
[6:28:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 7
[6:28:40 PM] Alex Thornton: which is quite a few if only

alekos and lando split off
[6:28:47 PM] Alex Thornton: +7?
[6:29:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: even though brian is quite

I’m counting his character
[6:29:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: is in the corner praising the

lord or something
[6:29:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: and kenya’s character
[6:29:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Adrianna
[6:29:53 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 6
[6:29:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sorry my math
[6:30:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: no wait hold up
[6:30:13 PM] Alex Thornton: Slate, henry, Ashley
[6:30:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Slate, henry, ashley, mandy,

saracen, adriana, nico
[6:30:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yeah that is 7
[6:30:50 PM] .:Storyteller:.: well damn
[6:31:03 PM] Alex Thornton: well lets see how much the dice

roller can screw this up
[6:31:05 PM] Henry Shore: what’s alopecia doing all this

[6:31:51 PM] Alex Thornton: +5 for my actual stats
[6:31:56 PM] Alex Thornton: //12d
[6:31:56 PM] .:Storyteller:.: drugar312 rolled 12d10;

4, 5, 1, 9, 8, 7, 5, 7, 10, 7
2, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 4
[6:32:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: MIND RAPED!
[6:33:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: OKAY GET ALL UP IN HIS BRAIN
[6:33:21 PM] Alex Thornton: okay first, does he know the

pawn shop guy?
[6:35:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: He in fact knows nothing

about Jimmy Choose or his establishment, he is far to class

to be up in such a place. You find also that there is a

vaccine located in a research lab on the 7th floor that

will combat any potential side effects that could be

harmful to a psychic who is forcibly awakended.
[6:35:58 PM] Alex Thornton: then i want to know what he

knows about the Blue Moon Research Facility and the

experiments done to us
[6:38:28 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (you are not in residual mind

territory, that was jsut crap that was on the front of his

mind that flew out, you need to ask him questions to bring

it out)
[6:39:19 PM] Alex Thornton: having 5 dots in mind reading

should give me access to his buried info
[6:39:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: that is also true XD
[6:39:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: forgot how many dots you had

[6:39:49 PM] Alex Thornton: all of them
[6:40:25 PM] Lando Griffin: (If needed, have some hum this: . Blue Moon is

a song, and you can subconsciously trigger his thoughts if

he knows about the facility)
[6:41:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You find that he actually

doesn’t know anything about the blue moon facility, just a

bit about some of the next generation psychic research.
[6:42:12 PM] Lando Griffin: That’s the topic to press then.
[6:45:02 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You get images of him walking

down a long stone hallway and he is talking to someone, its

blury as if this person wanted to leave no traces. You can

kind of make out some long red hair and that it’s a male.

His voice is kind of wobbly but you can make out "I’m

providing you with some powerful material Mr. Silversmith,

your employers better be willing to play ball"
[6:46:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You see flashes of doccuments

and know that they are germane to the research in some way.
[6:47:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Kevin gets a

little light headed and sits down. "I need for you all to

explain your pressence here"
[6:48:09 PM] Alex Thornton: i want to project into his head

that were here to do a penetration test and that he didnt

write down for the previous reason
[6:48:30 PM] Lando Griffin: You may want to use words too,

to… reinforce it and make it more believable
[6:48:39 PM] Lando Griffin: Because as far as he knows,

you’ve been staring at eachother lovingly
[6:49:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LOL))
[6:49:41 PM] Alex Thornton: "My name is Alex Stone, I work

for Saracen Security and were here to do a penetration test

on your security systems to check for readiness in case of

an actual attack."
[6:49:54 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashely hands him his glass of

water “here Mr. Silversmith, drink this”
[6:50:42 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore stands menacingly in

the corner
[6:51:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Presence + Empathy
[6:51:34 PM] Alex Thornton: and believers?
[6:52:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yes
[6:52:26 PM] Alex Thornton: //13d
[6:52:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: drugar312 rolled 13d10;

4, 7, 10, 7, 1, 1, 3, 3, 2, 1
8, 4, 2
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[6:52:38 PM] Alex Thornton: im starting to dislike the

skype roller
[6:52:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: lol fuck a damn, you all have

a reason to stick around each other FRANNN
[6:53:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: all of those extra dice…

should have did better but whatever you got 2 successes
[6:55:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yeah that … I’ll just allow

that lol
[6:56:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: but its not as strong as a

solid truth
[6:56:21 PM] Alex Thornton: (long as he believes it for a

little bit XD)
[6:56:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lol yeah))
[6:57:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((I’m sad this whole staff is

just like "ugh well I dont’ know… maybe .. er um… okay

well just don’t make a mess"
[6:57:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((poor henry… you were

really useful last game, smashin shit))
[6:58:11 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore twiddles his thumbs
[6:58:12 PM] Henry Shore: menacingly
[6:58:16 PM] Lando Griffin: For GOD
[6:58:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: XD
[6:59:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Lando and Alekos Scene go
[6:59:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: What is Lando fuckin griffin

[7:00:04 PM] Alex Thornton: fuckin griffins?
[7:00:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: XD
[7:01:01 PM] Lando Griffin: Sounds good. But no! I’m

going to look for their servers (where the data is stored

on the network that all the computers access).
[7:02:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You turn a few hallways until

you run into a security guard chillin infront of what

appears to be the server room
[7:02:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alekos stops Lando from

[7:03:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: He sizes up the security

guard and realizes that he is as straight as a bone so blue

balling him into letting you the office isn’t going to work

so instead he goes to make a distractions.
[7:04:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "Fine day today, then again

we’re underground so how would we know hahahaha" he turns

the corner leaving Lando alone then the sound of glass

shattering ecos the hall. The secrutiy guard disbands.
[7:05:03 PM] Lando Griffin: I shrug and just walk into the

server room.
[7:05:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: door locked
[7:05:25 PM] Lando Griffin: Telekinesis? Can I just unlock

it from the other side?
[7:05:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you can try it you ahve one

telekenesis and no believers around
[7:06:03 PM] Lando Griffin: Oh fuck it, I’ll just use my

Larceny to pick the lock
[7:06:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: okay
[7:06:17 PM] Lando Griffin: So I have three dots and a

[7:06:20 PM] Lando Griffin: So is that four dice?
[7:06:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: dexterity + larceny correct
[7:06:52 PM] .:Storyteller:.: wait I dont know your stats

[7:06:54 PM] Lando Griffin: My dex is 3… so seven dice?
[7:07:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yes that’ll do
[7:07:03 PM] Lando Griffin: //7d10
[7:07:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: terragoetia rolled 7d10;

3, 8, 8, 8, 2, 3, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 3
[7:07:23 PM] .:Storyteller:.: oh cool didnt’ even kneed

alekos to pop that cherry, XD good good
[7:07:36 PM] Lando Griffin: Door ajar.
[7:08:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alekose shows up around the

corner, "oh… you can do that too huh… The guard is tied

up in an empty room unconcious. We should have a little

[7:08:57 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley and Henry come around

the corn looking like little red riding hood and the axman
[7:09:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: or should I say hard candy

and usless
[7:10:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley looks into the server

room and sees the boys working she takes Henry to the 7th

floor to find that vaccine.
[7:10:37 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alekos kicks his feet up in

the server room while Lando does whatever
[7:12:00 PM] Lando Griffin: I’m going to plug my Thumb

Drive into one of the servers on the network and infect

this shit with worms that allow me remote access at any

time. In addition, I want to have the network start making

regular backups to a data storage company I know in China.
[7:12:04 PM] Lando Griffin: (So I can have their infos)
[7:12:39 PM] Lando Griffin: And then I may as well

straight-up download to the drive anything I can find on

the Psychic Project, Silverman, Blue Moon, or the redhaired

guy if the party was smart enough to text me that info
[7:12:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: roll for hacks
[7:12:55 PM] Lando Griffin: What’s the roll?
[7:13:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Intelligence + Computer +

equipment versus
Intelligence + Computer + equipment; extended and
contested action
[7:13:27 PM] Lando Griffin: Int + Computer + Equipment vs

the same.
[7:13:30 PM] Lando Griffin: Okay
[7:13:44 PM] Lando Griffin: 12 dice with the Thumb Drive I

[7:13:48 PM] Lando Griffin: //12d10
[7:13:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: terragoetia rolled 12d10;

8, 4, 7, 6, 9, 4, 5, 4, 3, 10
9, 10
Second Rolls:
4, 2
Number of Successes: 5
[7:14:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: alright
[7:14:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 2.5 hous is what you have to

get down on that
[7:15:44 PM] .:Storyteller:.: REBECCA BALDWIN!
[7:15:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: lol sorry that was random
[7:16:28 PM] Lando Griffin: Looks like I’ll be busy for a

[7:16:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley and Henry make it to a

door that is clearly the research lab (becaues its the only

one on the floor) The door is locked
[7:16:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "er um… you think

you can just pop this off?"
[7:17:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alekos spins

around in the chair while playing freejewled on his phone
[7:18:20 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore comes at the door
[7:19:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: its a wood door lol you just

basically turn that press board shit into powder good job
[7:21:17 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Adrianna shows up "Made

enough noise there Henry?"
[7:21:54 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Mandy also comes around the

corner “I think we are clear”
[7:22:40 PM] Lando Griffin: Typing typing typing.
[7:23:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //me Alekos stops spinning

“doyou need any help?”
[7:23:44 PM] .:Storyteller:.: too many slashes omg not

rollin dice)
[7:26:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: A security guard comes around

the corner and inters the lab, he notices that the door nob

is busted up on the floor "um… hey I thought you guys

were doing a penetraction test" Mandy jiggles her boobs a

little, “looks like there was some penetration indeed”
[7:27:38 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Adrianna grills the security

guard "and look at this, that damn knob practically melted,

and lets not talk about what kind of cheap shit this door

is made out! Who is in charge of security here, I need a

[7:28:32 PM] Lando Griffin: I completely ignore the scene,

as if the guard isn’t important enough to notice. Also I

wonder how the door knob ended up on the floor; usually

picking a lock doesn’t do that. This place must have

termites or something.
[7:29:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The gaurd is caught in that

half non believing state but he is some what willing to

accept it but ((lol different room Lando, while you are

hacking they are on a nother floor breaking up shit))
[7:30:39 PM] Lando Griffin: That makes it easier to ignore!
[7:33:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: He doesn’t quite believe

them, Adriana touches holds his hand and makes eye contact,

she tries to use her psychic vampire abilities but he has

no willpower to drain “Mandy take your shirt off”
[7:34:48 PM] Lando Griffin: So… umm.. are there any

players in this scene?
[7:35:23 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The gaurd immediatly backs

out of the room and runs off. He doesn’t get far because

Saracen and the other psychics make it to the research lab

((she takes him out)).
[7:36:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: I just ported everyone to

comb the lab, you should get up there and join them because

your hacking is done.
[7:36:38 PM] Lando Griffin: So we’re all there now?
[7:36:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: indeed
[7:37:04 PM] Lando Griffin: I check my phone to make sure

my Chinese data guys are getting the dump.
[7:37:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you guys come accross a safe

that that appears to have the vaccine in it, there is a

keypad and a screen that allows for 5 numbers.
[7:38:37 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alekos recognizes that this

safe relays back to the main security office if opened by

something other than that passcode
[7:38:57 PM] .:Storyteller:.: were all you bitches witth

the god memory
[7:39:04 PM] Lando Griffin: I have eidetic memory
[7:39:23 PM] Alex Thornton: same
[7:40:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you two roll int + comp see

if one of you remembers
[7:40:15 PM] Lando Griffin: Comp for computar?
[7:40:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: composure
[7:40:53 PM] Alex Thornton: //d5
[7:40:53 PM] .:Storyteller:.: drugar312 rolled 1d 5;

Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[7:40:59 PM] Alex Thornton: //5d
[7:40:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: drugar312 rolled 5d10;

5, 6, 7, 5, 2
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[7:41:10 PM] Alex Thornton: i dont
[7:41:16 PM] Lando Griffin: //7d10
[7:41:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: terragoetia rolled 7d10;

9, 7, 2, 9, 9, 9, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 4
[7:41:25 PM] Lando Griffin: I got four
[7:41:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: eeerrr meerrrr geerrrrrddd
[7:41:42 PM] Lando Griffin: My guy’s a genius yo uknow
[7:42:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you remember the numbers from

the dream and think they may be a possible key code
[7:42:06 PM] Lando Griffin: Hahah!
[7:42:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 77889
[7:42:21 PM] Lando Griffin: I walk over and put in 7-7-8-8

[7:42:48 PM] Lando Griffin: (I actually searched the

numbers before you wrote that in)
[7:42:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[7:43:28 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The safe pops oppen and there

are several ampules of the vaccine
[7:43:58 PM] Lando Griffin: I take one and pass the rest

around, and also see if there’s anything else to steal in

the safe.
[7:44:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Ashley takes

one and puts it in her backpack
[7:45:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: There are instructions in the

[7:45:16 PM] Lando Griffin: Better take those.
[7:45:37 PM] Alex Thornton: takes a vial and puts it away
[7:46:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Adrianna

“We’ve gotten what we came for, I suggest we get out”
[7:46:34 PM] Alex Thornton: “Get what you came for Lando?”
[7:46:53 PM] Lando Griffin: “Yeah. And more.”
[7:47:16 PM] Alex Thornton: "Guess they failed the test,

lets go."
[7:48:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alekos "slight problem, … I

hacked the security feed into my phone, looks like they

found the gaurd and are headed up the elevator… we should

take the stairs"
[7:48:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecia "I KNEW I SHOULDA

[7:48:55 PM] Lando Griffin: I look a little dumbfounded.

“Who the fuck is beating up guards…”
[7:49:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Adrianna "fire would be a

good distractions"
[7:49:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alekos “raises a hand”
[7:49:28 PM] Lando Griffin: We’re in a lab. Anything

useful in terms of chemicals or gear?
[7:49:55 PM] Alex Thornton: shakes head at the situation
[7:50:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley looks around "well

Slate has like a million guns"
[7:50:37 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Mandy looks around "can

anyone burn with their minds?"
[7:50:40 PM] Lando Griffin: "So you wanna ante up on the

beatdowns and kill a guy? Fuck this bullshit, I’m

[7:50:55 PM] Lando Griffin: I start towards the stairs.
[7:51:50 PM] Alex Thornton: "Lets get out of this lab

before we do anything drastic, it could seal if something

[7:52:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The group follows as Alopecia

is helling on the phone, “gurl, get Kesha and Naynay!”
[7:52:09 PM] Alex Thornton: *heads towards the stairs,

looking for fire alarms*
[7:52:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you guys are downa couple of

floors and you see a fire alarm at the bottom of the stairs
[7:53:02 PM] Lando Griffin: "May as well treat yourself to

[7:53:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You can hear three black

women hollering "IS IT CAUSE I’M BLACK! IS IT CAUSE I’M

[7:53:22 PM] Slate Stone: He would raise a brow and would

head out with the others
[7:53:43 PM] Alex Thornton: (do we have to go up or down to

[7:53:51 PM] Lando Griffin: Down? We were on the 7th floor
[7:53:59 PM] Lando Griffin: Which is where the labs were
[7:54:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Apparenlty Alopecia knew some

peoeple who worked near enough to get down here in a hurry

to make a scene with the receptionist, this may give you a

chance to get out
[7:55:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yeah yawl are moving all the

way down the stairs to the lobby, the sound of black

objection is eccoing up the stairwell
[7:55:21 PM] Alex Thornton: heads out
[7:56:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((gotta love the ghetto))
[7:56:15 PM] Lando Griffin: I’ll leave while whitey puts

down the darkies
[7:56:17 PM] Lando Griffin: Or whatever
[7:57:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You all skitter back to your

vehicles while Alopecia signals her girls to leave
[7:58:12 PM] Lando Griffin:
[7:58:48 PM] Lando Griffin: <maybe>
[7:59:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: LOL XD
[7:59:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: well end game



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