Carnal Coast

.:Top Dollar:.

[2:11:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Game in Session
[2:15:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashley has sent a mass text letting everyone know that she is leaving Rhapsody for a few days to visit some relatives with her brother. So you guys will be minus the little skitter healer psychic. Lando goes over the information that he obtained from the last corperate feild trip you guys took. Lando determins that most of the files are damaged due to some security program. The program designer handle that Lando was able to determine was Reaper84. Files corrupt; Cannot be retrieved.
Corrupt but some what readable files BM.doc, SL.doc, The Cheiron Group.doc, worship the cock.mp3, Greater Demon.ppt, Local Charity accounts.doc,
Files that are clear Chase.doc, Blue Moon.doc, Mental Evolution.doc, Progress and Setbacks.doc, Patient Zero.doc, Mara-Pharm operations.doc, Soma-Corp operations.doc
Really fuzzy security video of someone with long red hair walking down one of the halls in the Soma Corp building. Only the back of him can be seen.
[2:16:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Lando Griffon bleeps about boobs or some such nonsense and emails the docouments to everyone.
[2:16:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((I actually made these documents tooooooooooooooooo so you can select which ones you want to open))
[2:17:13 PM] Slade Stone: (lol I dont want to open worship my cock.mp3)
[2:17:24 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You notice sometheing while you are checking your email. News headlines are buzzing about the Rhapsody vigilante “Jackal”. At first they thought that he was a mad man roaming around the streets attacking at random but it turns out that he was hitting major criminals and knocking over drug dealers. They say that he can appear from out of nowhere and throw a man clear across a field. Nothing has been substantiated.
[2:17:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (lol I didn’tmake that one)
[2:18:46 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore was never much one for reading outside the Good Book, but one of the documents in his email catches his eye: BlueMoon.doc? isn’t Blue Moon that place he met all those… unusual neighbors of his?
[2:19:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Blue Moon.doc

“Welcome to the Blue Moon research facility, we specialize in rare species of plants that can be used medicinally to revolutionize the way we fight disease. We are committed to our fight to make the world a healthier place, by any means necessary.
We have several private contracts and partners that allow us to stay operational and in service to mankind. Please respect the privacy of others because simply may not be cleared to know what they know. During orientation you will be reminded of your security clearance level and you floor of operations.
Thank you for choosing a bright future, we look forward to working with you”
[2:20:42 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore thinks this sounds like a bunch of bullshit
[2:20:50 PM] Henry Shore: he closes his email and gets ready for work
[2:21:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[2:21:34 PM] Slade Stone: He would look at it and would open up Programs and Setbacks.doc
[2:21:58 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Progress and Setbacks.doc

“Neurotroxin is capable of so much more than we realized! The very first human trial began to (patient zero) has really exceeded our expectations. His mental abilities have exceeded far beyond anything we were able to comprehend. Psychic abilities ranging from psychokinesis to telepathy. His power manifested out of need for them to work. Unfortunately the effects of enhanced neural activity and Neurotroxin have an adverse effect on the myelin sheath of the axon. In short, Neurotroxin and excessive neural activity leads to demyelinated axons that mimic the effects of multiple sclerosis. We were able to synthesis a compound (Quantonin) that neutralized the effects of the Neurotroxin on the myelin sheath. We’ve discovered that the damage in patient zero has progressed too far to be fully reversed by the Quantonin. The other subjects are fine and are continuing with their development.”
[2:23:40 PM] Henry Shore: (( D: nuuuuuuuuuu! i use my myelin like, every day!))
[2:24:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecia suggests that everyone takes a look at Patient Zero.doc in her usually ghettoism.
[2:24:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Patient Zero.doc
“Case 1:

Craven Jefferson, Age 28, Caucasian Male; no preexisting medical conditions. 10cc Intracranial Neurotroxin administered at 10pm. His vitals are stable, no ill effects. Patient monitored for 24hours, no change.

First event: He seems extremely euphoric and docile 72 hours after being introduced to Neurtroxin.
Second event: His personality is back to normal and he seems to be more focused than he was when he came in. A notable side effect of the Neurtroxin is an increase in appetite.
Third event: Craven has been with us for a month now and he is testing off the charts. The new subjects arrived last week but none of them have had a reaction much like Craven. Their results are about half that of Craven’s at the same stage of exposure to Neurotroxin.
Fourth event: I’m not sure how Craven does it but he got out of his room again last night… but this time he stumbled into the arena where live weapons testing was being performed against the mutated byproducts of anatomical cloning. That was the moment that he first had full access to his abilities. In the face of mortal danger he activated. I’ve never seen so much blood in my life.
Fifth event: Craven’s activation seems to have started a psychic chain reaction. Anna began to increase in ability, becoming nearly as powerful as Craven. Soon they all began to activate.
Sixth event: Craven has begun to show signs of weakness and a lack of muscular control. He complains of headaches and visual problems, it sounds like MS but his medical screening cleared…
Eighth event: Quantonin has been developed and administered to all of the patient’s before they were able to present with myelin degeneration. Some of the damage done to Craven’s neurons was reversed with the Quantonin but there was too much damage for too long; he was not completely cured.
Ninth event: Craven has begun demanding his release in an attempt to break his contract. We’ve sedated him and placed him in holding until we were able to reason with him. The sedation was kept low and constant to keep him from focusing on using his abilities.
Tenth event: Craven has escaped while mutilating several guards on the way out. With Craven gone the other patients have begun to present with behavioral abnormalities. They have taken to Anna as if she was their queen. Anna is twice as aggressive as Craven but not as powerful, yet she is still a threat. We thought Craven was going to be our biggest problem.”
[2:27:36 PM] Henry Shore: Craven? Henry knows he’s heard that name somewhere…
[2:29:17 PM] Slade Stone: He would look to Henry since he looked like he knew something about it. “Do you know a Craven?”
[2:29:56 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry recalls a sickly man comming into the shop
[2:30:35 PM] Henry Shore: “Yeh, there was a guy came into the shop not long ago… he looked pretty rough
[2:30:52 PM] Henry Shore: Nothing like this guy from the patient one file anyway
[2:31:41 PM] * .:Storyteller:. sent Top dollar docs.docx Top dollar docs.docx Top dollar docs.docx *
[2:31:50 PM] Henry Shore: I asked what he wanted, but he seemed to be lost. He didn’t seem to have a vehicle of any kind, so I figured there wasn’t much I could do for him. I turned around to call someone else over, but when I looked back he was gone”
[2:31:52 PM] .:Storyteller:.: take that for later lookins
[2:33:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex breaks into the conversation “I’ve got a job with a Client later, he actually may know who this guy is. You know how all of the founding families are all up anyone’s business”
[2:34:14 PM] Henry Shore: ((i for real just about said "nothing like that guy from the patient first file))
[2:34:37 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LOL YOU FOR REAL THE FUCK DID XD
[2:36:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You guys go your seperate ways, it’s an unusually sunny day in washington today but you are all stuck working.
[2:37:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You two are on the buss heading across the bridge to lower Rhapsody. Henry could have swore he saw someone watching him out of the corner of his eyes but when he goes to look they are gone.
[2:40:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lol I take it Henry dont’ give a fuck))
[2:41:07 PM] Henry Shore: (pretty much)
[2:41:19 PM] Henry Shore: ((he finds it vaguely interesting, but not worth pursuing
[2:41:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry’s stop is up first, he exits and heads into the bullhorn body shop.
[2:41:49 PM] Henry Shore: ((maybe after he’s been snatched into Faerie and his mind is gone and replaced by paranoia he would))
[2:43:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry is created by Brian (owner) and Andy (daddy issues).
[2:44:21 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Andy smiles as Henry enters “Hey there big guy”
[2:45:50 PM] Henry Shore: ((you mean greeted?))
[2:46:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((Yeah I have no ideal why I typed created lol my brain is tired is what happened there))
[2:47:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((Henry materializes out of a deep longing for a fatherly figure “MY CREATION WILL BE KNOWN AS PAPA!”))
[2:48:02 PM] Henry Shore: XD
[2:50:24 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore extends a simple greeting of “Hey” and gets to work
[2:51:52 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Brian shows Henry a new work order, he has to tune up an cherry red Impala much like his own
[2:53:54 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Brian: “Miss Glass has fine taste, just look at this beauty”
[2:54:36 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore is pleased to discover that someone in this city has tastes of class and distinction
[2:54:43 PM] Henry Shore: and grunts his approval
[2:56:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((nigga you str8))
[2:58:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max Gunnery Scene

Slate sits in the back room repairing a custom gun for a Miss Glass.
[2:58:55 PM] Slade Stone: (sorry back_
[2:59:49 PM] Slade Stone: He would have his stuff infront of him and shook his head as she would have done something that well yeah why she wouldnt clean up her barrel after taking it to the range
[3:01:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You notice that the gun is made out of a clear and red metal, it looks like tended glass and not a metal. You recall hearing about a strange metal that is produced by the Talcom family that resembles crytals or glass but is strong as titanium.
[3:03:37 PM] Henry Shore: ((WET))
[3:04:04 PM] Slade Stone: He would raise a brow of course there were other reasons the hardness wasnt really what made a good good.
[3:04:38 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO!))
[3:06:19 PM] Slade Stone: (Well its true, there are other reasons that metal is used :P)
[3:07:56 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max walks to the back to get one more look at that gun
[3:08:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max: “She really is a beauty, isn’t she?”
[3:09:11 PM] Slade Stone: “Eh I dont know why people use this wierd shit for a gun. Its not like it does anything special unless she might be trying to take it places she doesnt want a metal detector to see it.” He shrugged some. He would work on taking it apart to look it over some more.
[3:12:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max “Well that there is Blood Crescendium, it’s heavier than the rest but that particular blend redistributes heat like nothing else on the market. But all that aside, reminds me of a jolly rancher… on that note I’m about to run across the street to 7-11, you want anything?”
[3:18:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: bullhorn scene

Jaycee walks over to Henry “well.. what do we have here, I can’t say I’ve ever seen this model in this bright of red before”
[3:18:40 PM] Henry Shore: “The order is for a Miss Glass”
[3:20:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Jaycee does every heteroism except drool “yeah I’ve seen her around…”
[3:20:53 PM] Henry Shore: tits, etc
[3:21:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: :D
[3:21:39 PM] Henry Shore: “I haven’t noticed her. This must be her first repair here”
[3:24:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “Yeah, I saw her accross the street and Churches with a Crain if you believe that. A founder here in lower Rhapsody? Eating fast food? I thought I’d never see the day” And on that Que Alex walks into the show with D’Largian.
[3:24:45 PM] Henry Shore: ((THE GHETTO))
[3:25:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian “I knew you said your friend was rather large but you failed to mention that he was a transformer”
[3:25:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMATFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
[3:26:02 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore wonders why someone would compare a person to a power line component
[3:28:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex walks over “I’m sorry to bother you like this at work, this is my… errr… Boss, He knows Craven, the guy from the email and he knows where he lives”

D’Largian: “Ah.. indeed he has a loft in the beach district”
[3:29:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Brian’s eyes widen as he sees an Armada in his shop. You can almost see the dollar signs forming in his eyes.
[3:29:21 PM] Henry Shore: “You didn’t think this could wait?” @Alex
[3:30:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “Well, I was in the area and I thought this was something you’d want to hear right away… besides I my phone is dead”
[3:31:01 PM] Henry Shore: “I see. You drove here?”
[3:31:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian looks over to Jaycee “… oh sweety where are your clothes?”
[3:32:24 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex face palms and looks up to Henry “no, D’Largian’s Driver brought us” He points to a shock white limo parked just outside.
[3:33:03 PM] Slade Stone: (a white limo into the ghetto thats smart.)
[3:33:15 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian and Jaycee exchange words in the corner and they are both smiling.
[3:33:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (D’Largian isn’t really all that bright when it comes to street smarts
[3:34:08 PM] Henry Shore: “I’m sure we could give ‘er a look over, as long as you’re here. If you’re not in any kind of hurry. I can’t imagine you would be, if you felt the need to drop by.”
[3:35:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex raises a brow “well I’m on his time and he seems to be busy in the corner”
[3:35:11 PM] Henry Shore: (in case it’s unclear, henry is doing his damndest to land a rich client right now)
[3:35:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO))
[3:36:18 PM] Henry Shore: ((but if he/she’s over in the corner lolin it up with jaycee, i may well be SOL))
[3:36:33 PM] Henry Shore: “Alright. What do you have of Craven?”
[3:37:25 PM] Henry Shore: “And could you do me the kindness of reminding me why I give a damn?”
[3:38:53 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "Well he has invaluable information on what was done to us, we’ll know what to expect in the future, D’Largian texted me the address as well’
[3:40:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian bursts into a frenzy “OH WHAT A SPLENDED IDEA JASON!”
Jaycee remindes him his name is not Jason.
“Ah, yes Jenson, A Mechanics Calender would be marvelous”
[3:40:39 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore glances in Armada’s direction, and furtively whispers to Alex
[3:40:52 PM] Henry Shore: “… was that a Miss or Mister Armada again?”
[3:41:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Brian Feels like he is going to pass out… the money is flowing through is mind right now.
[3:41:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex cracks small smile “Mister”
[3:42:30 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore flinches. None of this is christian.
[3:42:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMATFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))
[3:43:29 PM] Henry Shore: “look, try me again after my shift and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do. But what I want most out of all this is to forget it ever happened.”
[3:48:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I’ll do that, I’ll text you later when my phone has charged” They leave and get back into the limo. The limo pulls off and Brian walks over to Jaycee and they begin to talk about the calender. Brain praises Jaycee “YESSS!”
[3:48:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((brb a GM needs a drink
[3:54:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: max gunnery
[3:55:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Slate gets a shiver up his pine and some how knows that Alex has entered the shop.
[3:56:28 PM] Slade Stone: He would raise a brow at that though he would just keep on working having to try and finish the piece he had been working on. Stupid wierd crap people try to make guns out of
[3:57:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[4:01:15 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian walks over to the counter and asks the cashier fi they did customer jobs here. The Cashier unfortunatly just stares at him like a deer caught in headlights. Alex mentally pushes the cashier to snap him out of it. “Oh uh, yes in fact we do… What were you in the market for?”
[4:03:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian pouts and checks his nails “Well for some gawd aweful reason my father wants to take us boys hunting and he is leaving it up to us to obtain our rifles… So I had a thought, why not get one made here instead of buying one from the mall like the rest of my brothers.”
[4:08:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max walks out to him “Hello, I’m the owner. What kind of gun are you looking to have customized”
D"largian banters on about how he wants a Marine Crescendium rifle with scope. Max explains that there is a blood crescendium handgun currently being worked on and D’Largian pauses and throws his hands down as if to brace himself “are you telling me that I wont’ have the first Crescendium GUN!!??!?!”
Max freezes and really doesnt’ want to lose this sell “…but you’ll have the first Marine Crescendium high powered hunting rifle, THE VERY FIRST! made here by a true artist! It will be the only one of it’s kind, I can assure you!”
[4:09:50 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian squeels in excitement and does the paper work.
[4:09:57 PM] Slade Stone: (Wierd homos not knowing stuff about guns and gotta be unique and shit ;D)
[4:10:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex sends a telepathic message to Slate “oh my gawd… shoot me”
[4:10:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[4:10:43 PM] Slade Stone: He rose a brow at that “Why?”
[4:11:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “This guy… is way more than I thought I could handle… the money is good but he wont’ shut the fuck up! AND HE IS RESISTANT TO MY MIND CONTROL!”
[4:12:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I Guess I found out that if someone doens’t have a mind then I can’t controll it!”
[4:12:10 PM] Slade Stone: “Which guy? I hear someone squeeling out in the front of my shop.”
[4:12:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “HIM!”
[4:12:49 PM] Slade Stone: “I swear to god if Max tries to sell him something pink and high powered I may have to shoot him in the foot myself.”
[4:13:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[4:14:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alex has run out of willpower thus can’t send any more message
[4:14:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((he wasted alot trying to controll D’Largian, then the cashier and then mental communication XD))
[4:16:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max calls Slate on his extension “Hey old buddy old pal, I need you for a second”
[4:17:51 PM] Slade Stone: Havng taken then crystal gun apart and was working on making sure that the clip and springs would work he would put what he was doing down and walked out wiping his hands on some cloth because of the oil and grease used for gun matainece.
[4:21:02 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max: "Ah, Slate, this is D’Largian. He’d like you to make a gun for him " Blah blah blah blah faggalicious fuckery and talking about how he wants it to be the blue form of cruscendium
[4:21:28 PM] Slade Stone: “And what exactly are you planning on doing with the gun?”
[4:23:37 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian: “My father is taking us boys on a huntring trip… but I doubt I’d need an elephant gun… oh and money is of no concern. I recognize the materials I’m requestiong are expensive”.
[4:24:41 PM] Slade Stone: “And you want it blue and clear and shiney?” He would give Max a look, that said oh boy you are going to be paying for this one. “When is the trip?”
[4:26:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “In about a month”
[4:26:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
[4:27:07 PM] Slade Stone: He would think about it some. “Alright you do know this will not be cameflaughed at all right?”
[4:27:46 PM] Jimmy O’Brien: (Hi. I’m late and I assume something happened)
[4:27:47 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “Oh I understand, its mostly about pissing my father off” he flips his hair"
[4:28:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (there were documents that you hacked brought to light and I’ll send them to you now)
[4:28:37 PM] Jimmy O’Brien: (Cool; can I have a super-quick rundown of what happened this game? And am I with the group?
[4:29:36 PM] Henry Shore: ((i’ll do the rundown, y’all keep going))
[4:29:51 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((okay, thanks patrick))
[4:30:52 PM] Slade Stone: “Alright.” He would think about it some and would continue to write down some numbers and then he would make sure that Max saw what he wanted to make it, though he would look back to the guy buying it. “So what sort or ammo do you want it to use and how large of a clip?”
[4:31:21 PM] Jimmy O’Brien: (I’ll that and the emails)
[4:34:58 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I’ll need hallow point armor peircing rounds… The click capacity … I’ll leave that one up to you tehe, you’re the professional”
[4:37:32 PM] Slade Stone: “You can have one or the other for bullets you cant have both, if its a hollow point its not armor piercing, and in Washington State owning Armor piercing is percieved to be something that non-criminals are not suppose to have since for hunting, Im sorry bambi doesnt wear bodyarmor.”
[4:39:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “Wel I’ll go with the hallow points then… will that be any good on gators?… my brother thinks he’s going to put us on a boat in the swamp…”
[4:39:49 PM] Slade Stone: “Gators dont live in Washington state, too cold in the winter.”
[4:40:11 PM] Slade Stone: He gave Max another look
[4:40:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “oh it’s likely we’ll be leaving the state… I just hope we dont’ leave the country, I have a few parties planned.”
[4:41:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max hids his grin with his hand and glances over at Slate
[4:42:13 PM] Slade Stone: “Alright I will get to work on it.” He made sure he made another notation on the bill for Max to see since this one was going to be expensive.
[4:42:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((I’m sorry but I can’t help but think of this between Max and Slate
[4:42:45 PM] Slade Stone: (much more hate in the eyes of Slate)
[4:43:14 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (“I want the hallow-point armor-piercing rounds to hunt the gators!” “OH YOU!”)
[4:43:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO))
[4:45:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Max is sure to remind him of the 10% commission and the fact that D’Largian is paying upfront because of the price of Crescendium.
[4:45:56 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (I assume that while Slade is making gun deals I’m just at home selling some old lady’s information for internet money)
[4:46:02 PM] Slade Stone: Max would notice that the 10% was marked up toi 15%
[4:46:15 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian “awesome, I’ll leave this all up to you guys then, come alont Alex, we have to get back to the beach”
[4:46:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((Lol likely))
[4:46:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alex kinda gives Slate some sad eyes
[4:47:29 PM] Slade Stone: The look Alex got was one of you knew what you were getting into when you where hired
[4:50:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You’re work shifts are over and you all retire to your apartments, When you get a mass text from Ashley “Craven B̵̖̣̘̩ͮ̀̂̋ͩ͠U­­̡ͭͫ͏̯̖̭̪̤ͅǕ̸̡̦̖ͨU̲͎̼̯͑ͦ̇͐̀͠­̗­̭̻͕͙O̶̢̦̖̤̬͚͛ͥ̋̾̽̒̀̄͢Uͩ͛ͮ̐̓̅­̷͍­̤̖̥ͅÛ̵͚̬̳̥͕͓̙̼̒̌͒ͥ̏̕U̵ͤͭ̇̚the neuro­̝͈́­̼͇̲̥Ḡ̵̝͉̼H̻̥ͤ̊͛͆̀̚͜͠H̏͒ͤ̊­̋̓ͪͯ­̵̰͓̯͉̩͎̫̀H͓̜͐͑͌͗̊́́Ö́͗͂̾̈­̢̛̫̜̎­̥Ỏ̞͈̣̗̲̂ͫ̏̑̋ͨ͟͞Oͥ͊ͨ̒͊ͧ̔­̸̦̥̥̱͜­͍̱̼s when I return ██████”
[4:51:05 PM] Slade Stone: HE would look at that and rose a brow not sure what the fuck that ment/
[4:51:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecia “Gurl? are you the grudge? wtf?”
[4:51:35 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I’ll do the sane thing and try to reply to the text. “Hey, your message cut out. What were you saying about the neurotroxin?”
[4:51:43 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore laboriously types a reply
[4:51:56 PM] Henry Shore: "Ash
[4:51:58 PM] Henry Shore: ley
[4:52:01 PM] Henry Shore: are
[4:52:07 PM] Henry Shore: yie
[4:52:14 PM] Henry Shore: fucking technology
[4:52:14 PM] Henry Shore: you
[4:52:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO!)
[4:52:21 PM] Henry Shore: ok
[4:52:22 PM] Henry Shore: ?
[4:52:23 PM] Henry Shore: "
[4:53:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “█ fine ███a███ the medication in the emails ██████ f██████ Craven██████”
[4:54:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alopecia “LOL Dis bitch got boostmobile”
[4:54:20 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “Is she using a fucking Tracphone or something?” I get my jacket and head out to meet my friends before we go to find Craven.
[4:56:04 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore has taken to bringing ::Big Momma:: home with him from the shop. The heft of the tool gives him a sense of comfort. He grabs it on his way out to door to meet with Alex. Something, is not right.
[4:57:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((are you guys car poolin))
[4:57:14 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Assuming we’re travelling together)
[4:57:26 PM] Slade Stone: (fuck no screw the enviroment or something >.>)
[4:57:42 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry intends to ride with alex))
[4:57:47 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “So did you guys read the emails? This Craven fellow is pretty dangerous.”
[4:57:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lol Alex is still with D’Largian, suffering))
[4:58:18 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore calls Alex up
[4:58:47 PM] Henry Shore: ((and he’s not near largo, so two seperate scenes are poppin off right now XD))
[4:59:09 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I HOPE someone is in the car with me, or else I’m warning my radio about Patient 0.
[4:59:37 PM] Henry Shore: ((we could adjust time so you and i are riding to wherever alex is after i get in touch with him))
[5:00:35 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex manages to sends a text off of the address and suggests you meet him there. Ocean Veiw lofts in the beach district.
[5:00:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Loft 8A
[5:00:50 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Oh great.
[5:00:53 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): That was in an email
[5:01:17 PM] Henry Shore: Which one?
[5:01:24 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Maybe it wasn’t.
[5:02:03 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Oh some of the “scrambled” text was 8a.
[5:02:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((so far Henry, Lando and Slate are the only bitches who can in fact get away to go to this meeting))
[5:02:14 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): So I was trying to figure out if it was related to the place we’re going
[5:02:33 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): It probably isn’t, but the texting issue can be explained
[5:02:45 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): He’s not permitting it.
[5:03:01 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Anyhow. I have enough car to pick up people if needed.
[5:03:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You all make it north west, its a long drive to the beach district
[5:03:56 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Well shit. I’ll be back in 10 minutes. Keep rolling, just assume Lando is irritable and smarter than you)
[5:04:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: :D
[5:04:19 PM] Henry Shore: ((O_O the Armada swimsuit account? rly?))
[5:04:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: LMAO!
[5:05:15 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((gurl its for charity, they help all the people to busted to have proper swimwear))
[5:06:03 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore decides to wait until Alex turns up
[5:06:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((naw gurl yawl are already in the car XD Alex is an unknown lol))
[5:06:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((all three of yawl asses in route XD))
[5:06:45 PM] Henry Shore: ((i mean at the apartment))
[5:06:51 PM] Henry Shore: ((oh i thought we had arrived
[5:08:00 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore has been holding his right arm unusually stiff
[5:08:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry dozes off in the car and Lando trolls him a bit. He is in a tumb with Ashley and Annap.
[5:09:40 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Ashely runs up to Henry “You all have to be careful, Craven sounds incredibly powerful B̵̖̣̘̩ͮ̀̂̋ͩ͠U­­̡ͭͫ͏̯̖̭̪̤ͅǕ̸̡̦̖ͨU̲͎̼̯͑ͦ̇͐̀͠­̗­̭̻͕͙O̶̢̦̖̤̬͚͛ͥ̋̾̽̒̀̄͢Uͩ͛ͮ̐̓̅­̷͍­̤̖̥ͅÛ̵͚̬̳̥͕͓̙̼̒̌͒ͥ̏̕U̵ͤͭ̇̚­̝͈́­̼͇̲̥Ḡ̵̝͉̼H̻̥ͤ̊͛͆̀̚͜͠H̏͒ͤ̊­̋̓ͪͯ­̵̰͓̯͉̩͎̫̀H͓̜͐͑͌͗̊́́Ö́͗͂̾̈­̢̛̫̜̎­̥Ỏ̞͈̣̗̲̂ͫ̏̑̋ͨ͟͞Oͥ͊ͨ̒͊ͧ̔­̸̦̥̥̱͜­͍̱̼”
[5:10:02 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry sharpley awakens
[5:10:09 PM] Henry Shore: O.O
[5:12:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. You all arrive to the beach district. You drive along a stretch of road that is lush with shopping venues and eateries. You make it down int a residential area and you find the ocean view loft building.
[5:12:35 PM] Slade Stone: He would make sure to have a few of his special toys with him and put them in his holsters as he would see where they were driving.
[5:15:52 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore plans to wait here until Alex arrives
[5:17:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: .:Storyteller:. Alex sends a text message that reads that he can’t get away from D’Largian and that he is for lack fo better explaining… tied up. “I’ll just get the info from you guys tomorrow”.
[5:17:58 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Back)
[5:18:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((good because bitches are about to go in XD))
[5:18:13 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore
[5:18:17 PM] Henry Shore: is pissed
[5:18:20 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Let’s get moving
[5:18:32 PM] Henry Shore: and makes a mental note not to trust that Alex character in the future
[5:18:37 PM] Slade Stone: He would make sure to check his weapons and then would shrug some and would head up to the door
[5:19:07 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Well we’re going to 8A, so I assume we can go into the buiding and go up a few floors
[5:19:25 PM] Henry Shore: sure
[5:20:20 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You guys reach 8A do you knock?
[5:20:39 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Let’s consider something real quick
[5:21:07 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Do we know if we have an appointment with this guy? Or are we basically just going up to a demi-god’s front door and saying “Hey guy let’s talk about your traumatic moment.”
[5:21:35 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore knocks. hard.
[5:21:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO!))
[5:21:44 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Fuck it
[5:22:04 PM] Henry Shore: ((do not attempt to reason with henry. have you seen his Int score?))
[5:22:36 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You hear some shambling and coughing nearing the door “…who… who is it?”
[5:22:59 PM] Henry Shore: “Craven?”
[5:23:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “ugh… yes”
[5:23:35 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Whispers: “He might remember us.”
[5:23:59 PM] Henry Shore: “we’ve never met”
[5:24:26 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I roll my eyes and let you continue
[5:24:32 PM] Henry Shore: @Craven “Where’s Ashley?”
[5:24:57 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "… who? Who are you?:
[5:25:15 PM] Henry Shore: “Ashley! The little girl! She was here earlier”
[5:25:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “… there is no little girl, I live alone, what do you want?”
[5:26:08 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore rattles the doorknob
[5:26:53 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “Fuck this… BLUE MOON! You were there! We were patients there! The people who gave you MS are still looking for you, and they’re looking for us too.”
[5:27:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMBAO))
[5:27:40 PM] Henry Shore: ((this poor guy, is probably busy pissing himself))
[5:28:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You hear him undoing a chain, two slide bars and several locks.
[5:29:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The door door opens and you see a man well covered for the summer. He doesn’t have much color in his face and he looks to be very weak.
[5:29:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “Come.. in”
[5:30:00 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I’ll go in and look around
[5:30:01 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore pushes past and strides around the apartment, looking for signs of unusual goings on, and especially anything of Ashley’s
[5:30:22 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “Forgive my friend. He’s a priest, so naturally he’s always looking for children. You know how that goes.”
[5:30:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You see that the loft is pretty much empty save a bed and kitchen
[5:30:32 PM] Henry Shore: ((XD he’s not a priest))
[5:30:54 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (My character didn’t know that! He thought he was)
[5:31:15 PM] Henry Shore: ((he has been going on about jesusmaryjoseph))
[5:31:24 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Do we have any of the antidote left?
[5:31:29 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): The vaccine thing for our symptoms.
[5:31:40 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore leans against the wall, a dark look on his face, and mutters “no a priest”
[5:31:43 PM] Henry Shore: not*
[5:31:57 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “NO A PRIEST! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
[5:32:07 PM] Slade Stone: He smirked some at that from Lando about Henry being a priest
[5:32:32 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (That’s for Yannick…do we have any of the antidote/vaccine left? I want to show it to him if so and see if it’s neurotroxin.)
[5:32:59 PM] Henry Shore: ((and i’m assuming the lols were yannick’s commentary, and not an outburst from Craven))
[5:33:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (sure you guys can show it off, ))
[5:33:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (yeah know craven doen’t have the energy to lol that hard)
[5:33:59 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “We found this at one of the umbrella corporations involved in Blue Moon. They called it an antidote for some of the side effects we were having. Were you ever given this?”
[5:34:39 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore stares unblinking at Craven
[5:34:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven looks it over “yes, but my case was too far gone”
[5:35:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “How did you escape?”
[5:35:32 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “It was you… or Anna. I’m not sure which”
[5:35:56 PM] Henry Shore: “Who’s Anna?”
[5:36:09 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I laugh. “You really need to start reading more.”
[5:36:35 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((lol henry for real did read like only the brochure document))
[5:36:45 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry can barely read above an elementary level))
[5:36:53 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Shit, I keep calling it neurotroxin, when I mean to say quantonin)
[5:36:55 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Sorry)
[5:37:23 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (lol I knew what you meant XD, all this pharmacy shit will sound the same after a while)
[5:37:38 PM] Henry Shore: ((his memory is pretty good though, he’s not sure what you need all those fancy letters for))
[5:37:51 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “Anna was another psychic they made and couldn’t handle”
[5:38:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I used the last of what I had to escape, the neural degrdation has caused me to lose my powers”
[5:38:49 PM] Henry Shore: “That’s not what Ashley said”
[5:39:16 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Ashley is not the trigger you want to use; if this guy did something to her, inciting his anger before we get what we can is only going to blow us up)
[5:39:37 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO!))
[5:40:05 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “I hope for your sake, you’re wrong about that Craven. I’ve been reading their correspondences, the corporations…. they call us bio-weapons, and they call you a god. You’re still data, dead or alive, and they’re going to look for you.”
[5:40:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven moves over to sit on the bed.
[5:40:15 PM] Henry Shore: ((ashley, cars, and christ are henry’s only motivations at present))
[5:40:38 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((XD))
[5:41:10 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “We want to put a stop to what they’re doing, and in order to do that, we need to know what you know about a few things.”
[5:41:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “You’ll have to exucse this lack of furniture”
[5:41:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “you cant’ stop them…”
[5:41:39 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “It’s… understandable in the current situation. About the same as my last bachelor pad…”
[5:41:47 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “Who’s Anna, why is she so important to them?”
[5:43:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “She has the power to controll other psychics and use their powers as her own. She could have mine all of the psychics there except me, I was immune.”
[5:43:28 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “How did you become immune?”
[5:43:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I think it was a natrual immunity”
[5:44:02 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I think it was because I was stronger than her”
[5:44:18 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “And do you know who the red-haired one, and the Jackal, are? They seem to be involved, but no one knows about them.”
[5:45:50 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I don’t know anything about the Jackal… but the red haired man, I kind of remember seeing him maybe… its all fuzzy, like he removed the memory. He was fronting all of the money for it as i can recall”
[5:46:25 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven starts coughing a little
[5:46:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “how many of you got out?”
[5:47:12 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “I don’t know for sure. I’m not so used to those kinds of trauma. At least seven or so.”
[5:47:51 PM] .:Storyteller:.: "Anna must have done something…
[5:47:56 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Can you guys think of anything else we need to know?)
[5:48:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((Henry: ASHLEY!))
[5:50:15 PM] Henry Shore: ((she doesn’t seem to have been here. though if the name Annap means anything to him…))
[5:51:13 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “Have you heard of Annap?”
[5:51:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: “I’m afraid not”
[5:52:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry gets a wierd feeling and remembers what Ashley said about it being dangerous and then he nearly hears her voice clear as day “They are comming for him!”
[5:53:17 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (It’s almost as if I predicted this)
[5:53:19 PM] Henry Shore: “I think it’s time we left Mister Craven alone. Sorry for the misunderstanding”
[5:53:24 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore heads for the door
[5:53:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven stands up “whats wrong?”
[5:53:37 PM] Slade Stone: He would shrug some
[5:54:11 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry is leaving unless something stops him
[5:54:51 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Does my Unseen Sense: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” tell me anything?)
[5:56:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: All of you get a weird feeling, you can hear foot steps storming up the stairs. Craven yells “Lock the door!”
[5:56:22 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore complies
[5:56:33 PM] Henry Shore: and readies ::Big Momma::
[5:56:58 PM] Slade Stone: He would move over and locked the door then pulled out one of his special guns
[5:57:08 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “Ahh, shit…” I go to look for a window or some other way in/out aside from the door.
[5:57:32 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry is standing with the wrench raised to the side of the door))
[5:57:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: A red target laser light can be seen on the middle of Craven’s forhead.
[5:57:47 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Someone shove him down)
[5:57:57 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry’s focused on the obvious entrance))
[5:58:04 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): You fucks. I’ll do it
[5:58:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: whoever does it roll athletics + moose
[5:58:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: stamina
[5:58:43 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): He’s totally dead in my case.
[5:58:49 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): because I only get 2 dice.
[5:58:53 PM] Henry Shore: ((if you yell i might be able to make it. i have high athletics))
[5:59:09 PM] Henry Shore: //5d
[5:59:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: x_adonai_x rolled 5d10; result:
4, 8, 1, 4, 8
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[5:59:26 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Sure, I yelled for you, etc.
[5:59:32 PM] Henry Shore: ((good thing XD))
[5:59:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (XD)
[6:00:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry manages knock him back on the bed out of danger
[6:01:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You guys get a text message from Alex explaining that he thought someone was trying to assassinate D’Largian but they were in fact trying to kill him. They managed to get away and are going to a safe house.
[6:02:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //d7
[6:02:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 1d 7; result:
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[6:02:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: An assassin tried to climb up the side of the build and fell to this death lol
[6:02:36 PM] Henry Shore: ((d7?))
[6:02:46 PM] Henry Shore: ((do you mean 7d?))
[6:03:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yeah lol
[6:03:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //7d
[6:03:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 7d10; result:
10, 7, 5, 10, 4, 5, 2
Second Rolls:
5, 7
Number of Successes: 2
[6:03:15 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Your assassin rolled perfectly on a d7 hahaha
[6:03:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yeah no he still needed 5 successes lol he didnt’ die but he broke his shit up
[6:04:10 PM] Henry Shore: (can we skitter now?)
[6:04:17 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Well
[6:04:19 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You hear someone banging on teh door trying to get in
[6:04:20 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): The guys coming u pthe stairs
[6:04:23 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): And now at the door
[6:04:25 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Disagree with you
[6:04:46 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Shoot’m through the door?
[6:04:50 PM] .:Storyteller:.: A light is aimed at Lando now
[6:04:51 PM] Slade Stone: He smirked some “Who is it?” He would make sure to look and line up for a good shot through the door
[6:04:59 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Dives down
[6:05:13 PM] Henry Shore: ((are there curtains?))
[6:05:20 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Good idea
[6:05:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((no lol they can see everything in the loft windows its pretty empty))
[6:05:46 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Jimmy roll for gettin down with the get down dodging is
[6:05:58 PM] Henry Shore: (
[6:06:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: fuck it you just get down
[6:06:22 PM] Henry Shore: ((any response from the door?))
[6:06:54 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((nope they aren’t falling for it XD))
[6:07:08 PM] Henry Shore: ((what’s it made of))
[6:08:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The light points at Slate now ((steel)), the assassin takes aim and fires but the bullet just bounces off the window and it hums.
[6:08:52 PM] Henry Shore: ((question stands))
[6:08:56 PM] Slade Stone: He would look for where the laser came from and would line up with the hand cannon and shot at the assassin. “Fuck you dirtbag!”
[6:09:08 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (The window is made out of the special metal)
[6:09:23 PM] Henry Shore: ((the door))
[6:09:44 PM] Henry Shore: ((the window, as far as henry’s concerned, is magic.))
[6:09:58 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Yannick, is the door wood or something awesome)
[6:10:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (Just a steel door)
[6:10:34 PM] Slade Stone: (Yannick your personal skype :P)
[6:11:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ( you guys also get the plus 1 bonus to psychic powers with craven in the room as well)
[6:12:20 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry’s just going to stay where he is then. impentrable windows make him feel pretty secure. those are the lord’s windows."
[6:13:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((THE LORDS WINDOWS!!! XD OMG!!!))
[6:14:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven gets on the floor as a bullet puts a hold in the wall
[6:14:24 PM] Slade Stone: (Hey Yannick look at your skype fucker)
[6:15:31 PM] Henry Shore: ((brb, need to piddle))
[6:16:04 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I’m just gonna let this thing happen. I’ll get on the floor and talk to Craven. “Think, Craven! When you were in the Arena, your powers came to the fore and you fought your way out—you’re back in that Arena now. Those men outside are not going to stop until you’re dead. Goddamn it, get angry!”
[6:16:28 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I can use manipulate if necessary
[6:17:45 PM] Henry Shore: ((he hit tha flo))
[6:17:51 PM] Henry Shore: ((next thing you know))
[6:18:05 PM] Henry Shore: ((craven go’n blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow))
[6:18:16 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Fuck you and your club)
[6:18:43 PM] Slade Stone: (need the assassins defense
[6:18:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((LMAO!))
[6:18:52 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 2
[6:19:02 PM] Slade Stone: //rolldie 7
[6:19:14 PM] Henry Shore: (( //7d ))
[6:19:43 PM] Slade Stone: //7d
[6:20:20 PM] Henry Shore: ((…you have the roller installed right))
[6:20:24 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 7d10; result:
4, 5, 4, 3, 10, 1, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[6:20:29 PM] Henry Shore: ((there we go))
[6:20:43 PM] Slade Stone: (roll 6 more dice for me Yannick)
[6:20:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //6d
[6:20:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 6d10; result:
1, 1, 9, 4, 5, 6
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:21:30 PM] Slade Stone: His hand cannon went off and would hit the assassin in the chest for 6L
[6:21:39 PM] Henry Shore: ((aren’t the windows impenetrable? how are you reaching him?))
[6:21:53 PM] Slade Stone: (Same way he shot in the wall)
[6:22:08 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): There’s a guy at the window and guys in front of the apartment, etc.
[6:22:28 PM] Henry Shore: ((ah))
[6:26:11 PM | Edited 6:26:55 PM] Slade Stone: //6d
[6:26:15 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 7d10; result:
10, 9, 4, 10, 7, 3, 9
Second Rolls:
1, 4
Number of Successes: 4
[6:26:57 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((there we go))
[6:27:19 PM | Edited 6:27:42 PM] Slade Stone: //3d
[6:28:38 PM] Slade Stone: .
[6:28:39 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 3d10; result:
7, 9, 1
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:28:55 PM] Slade Stone: The second shot ripped from his gun and would clip him again for another 8L
[6:29:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You killed this faggot
[6:29:47 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Even the assassins are gay in this world
[6:30:05 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!))
[6:30:13 PM] Slade Stone: :D
[6:30:54 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Another one bursts throw the wall (clone army)
[6:31:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (faggoty clone army)
[6:31:35 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): (Are they literally clones, or do they all just have significantly douche-gay features?)
[6:32:36 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Shore targets the one in proximity
[6:33:08 PM] Henry Shore: dice pool is 10, what’s his defense?
[6:33:51 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 2
[6:33:55 PM] Henry Shore: //8d
[6:33:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: x_adonai_x rolled 8d10; result:
7, 10, 6, 4, 5, 3, 1, 2
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:34:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((O__o))
[6:34:16 PM] Henry Shore: ((whatevs, made contact XD))
[6:34:22 PM] Henry Shore: 4B
[6:35:11 PM] Henry Shore: ((if combatants are entering the room, we might want to roll intiative))
[6:35:47 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((yeah girl I was just about to get to that but you started swinging first lol))
[6:35:55 PM] Henry Shore: //d
[6:36:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: x_adonai_x rolled 1d20; result:
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[6:36:07 PM] Slade Stone: //1d
[6:36:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 1d10; result:
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[6:36:12 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): //1d
[6:36:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: terragoetia rolled 1d10; result:
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:36:14 PM] Henry Shore: ((henry’s initiative is 7))
[6:36:34 PM] Slade Stone: (init 15)
[6:36:45 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): 14 here
[6:37:05 PM] Henry Shore: ((O.o how do you have such high init slade))
[6:37:28 PM] Slade Stone: (dex 4 composure 4, CM 1 adds in your firearms to the init)
[6:37:46 PM] Slade Stone: (So my base initative is 12)
[6:37:59 PM] Henry Shore: ((i count 9))
[6:38:13 PM] Slade Stone: (Firearms of 4)
[6:38:14 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (plus 3)
[6:38:46 PM] Henry Shore: ((well damn))
[6:39:09 PM] .:Storyteller:.: they just calculated all of their stuff instead of putting down base and Lando I need to know how you got that much init because I haven’t seen your character sheet yet
[6:39:22 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I have an init of 4. I rolled a 10
[6:39:24 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): So I just added
[6:39:28 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Is that right?
[6:39:32 PM] Henry Shore: yes XD
[6:39:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (OKAY XD LOL)
[6:39:58 PM] Henry Shore: ((what threw me was that anyone could end up with init 15 on a roll of 3))
[6:40:14 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Brad knows his stat-maxing
[6:40:22 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((and what threw me off is that I didn’t see that 10 lol))
[6:41:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: slate goes first
[6:41:24 PM] Slade Stone: (how many incoming clones?_
[6:41:53 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((Just one for now))
[6:42:05 PM] Slade Stone: (how many can be seen?_
[6:42:15 PM] .:Storyteller:.: just one
[6:42:28 PM] .:Storyteller:.: this one is different
[6:42:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: his defence is 3 btw
[6:42:37 PM] Slade Stone: defense?-
[6:42:51 PM] Henry Shore: ((oh holdup
[6:42:52 PM] .:Storyteller:.: I need to roll for his init
[6:43:00 PM] Henry Shore: ((initiative 9, for fast reflexes))
[6:43:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //d
[6:43:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 1d20; result:
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:43:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: damnit
[6:43:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //d10
[6:43:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 1d10; result:
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[6:43:49 PM] .:Storyteller:.: his init is 9
[6:44:05 PM] Henry Shore: ((why aren’t you accepting your first roll?))
[6:44:07 PM] Slade Stone: //6d
[6:44:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 6d10; result:
10, 1, 6, 6, 8, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[6:44:17 PM] Slade Stone: //4d
[6:44:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 4d10; result:
4, 3, 1, 9
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:44:29 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (( it was a d20))
[6:44:35 PM] Slade Stone: //5d
[6:44:35 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 5d10; result:
1, 7, 5, 10, 1
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[6:44:43 PM] Slade Stone: //3d
[6:44:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 3d10; result:
5, 7, 10
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[6:44:56 PM] Slade Stone: 13L to him)
[6:45:04 PM] Henry Shore: ((what are all these rolls?))
[6:45:31 PM] Slade Stone: (rote actionon an attack which for each original die that you roll and dont get a suxx it is rerolled 1 time)
[6:45:45 PM] .:Storyteller:.: He is done lol
[6:45:59 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 4 more burst in
[6:46:08 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): My go?
[6:46:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yes (what do you have a weapon?)
[6:46:44 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I have the stungun.
[6:47:02 PM] .:Storyteller:.: oh he’ll see how that goes
[6:47:52 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): But right now my main goal is to drag our crippled acquaintance out of the way. “Come on, buddy, you’re too weak for this…” I move along the floor and try to pull/goad him away from the line of fire.
[6:48:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven goes with Lando
[6:48:59 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Yay, now Craven won’t get shot up by a bunch of faggots that Brad is one-shotting
[6:49:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: LOL
[6:50:12 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry go
[6:50:23 PM] Henry Shore: Henry Smash
[6:50:30 PM] Henry Shore: //7d
[6:50:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: x_adonai_x rolled 7d10; result:
1, 8, 5, 7, 7, 5, 5
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[6:50:46 PM] Henry Shore: whoever’s closest gets 4B
[6:52:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The clone takes the bash causing him to turn the other cheek, he turns back to Henry without emotion.
[6:52:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Henry your defence again
[6:52:29 PM] Henry Shore: 3
[6:53:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //8d10
[6:53:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 8d10; result:
3, 8, 2, 4, 1, 6, 8, 7
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[6:53:30 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you take 4B
[6:53:40 PM] Henry Shore: k
[6:55:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The other clone throws Henry up against magic window and it hums
[6:56:08 PM] .:Storyteller:.: The third clone closes in on Slate
[6:56:56 PM] .:Storyteller:.: slate your defence?
[6:58:00 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Faggot clone kicks Slate in the chest
[6:58:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //8d10
[6:58:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 8d10; result:
5, 9, 2, 9, 5, 3, 9, 8
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 4
[6:58:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: you take 8B -3 because of your armor XD
[6:59:13 PM] Slade Stone: (How do I take 8 bashing?)
[7:00:04 PM] Henry Shore: ((what’s their Size?))
[7:00:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: each success is 2B 5 but they are engineered super fucks
[7:01:11 PM] Henry Shore: ((i think it’s slate’s turn again))
[7:03:23 PM] .:Storyteller:.: okay I take that back then only 1 b forbrad
[7:03:48 PM] Slade Stone: (ok this week or when nicks here we will do a NWoD combat class for people lol)
[7:03:59 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Yay
[7:04:14 PM] Henry Shore: ((or i could be busy the rest of the week with things that don’t involve the internet))
[7:04:31 PM] Slade Stone: (More for Yannick atleast)
[7:04:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: lol
[7:05:06 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((I’m rule rusty because I’ve not played in a bit and my brain has been occupied with junk so lets continiue))
[7:05:07 PM] Slade Stone: (like for armor and defense you subtract both of those from attack rolls)
[7:05:50 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((re rolling))
[7:06:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //510
[7:06:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: //5d10
[7:06:11 PM] .:Storyteller:.: paradox_the_white_chaos rolled 5d10; result:
5, 4, 5, 9, 9
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 2
[7:06:19 PM] Henry Shore: ((XD 510 DICE))
[7:06:26 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 2B for slate
[7:06:31 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (lol XD)
[7:06:46 PM] Slade Stone: There defense?)
[7:07:00 PM] Henry Shore: ((and their Size))
[7:07:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: 5
[7:07:26 PM] Henry Shore: ((O.o for both?))
[7:07:38 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (yep)
[7:08:06 PM] Slade Stone: (So they have wits and dex of 5?)
[7:08:25 PM] Slade Stone: (actually lol doesnt matter for firearms ;))
[7:08:34 PM] Slade Stone: //9d
[7:08:34 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 9d10; result:
4, 4, 4, 9, 3, 8, 7, 8, 10
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 4
[7:08:42 PM] Slade Stone: //5d
[7:08:42 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 5d10; result:
2, 10, 5, 6, 5
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[7:09:01 PM] Slade Stone: //8d
[7:09:01 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 8d10; result:
4, 7, 9, 1, 6, 4, 10, 5
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 3
[7:09:04 PM] Slade Stone: //5d
[7:09:04 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 5d10; result:
2, 4, 2, 7, 4
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 0
[7:09:11 PM] Slade Stone: ..7d
[7:09:13 PM] Slade Stone: //7d
[7:09:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 7d10; result:
6, 5, 6, 7, 1, 8, 3
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[7:09:18 PM] Slade Stone: //6d
[7:09:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: sephiroth312 rolled 6d10; result:
2, 4, 4, 10, 6, 7
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 1
[7:09:33 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((you okay there roller?))
[7:09:47 PM] Slade Stone: The guy that got hit by Henry got 8L, then the guy that hit Slate took 11L
[7:10:38 PM] .:Storyteller:.: they go down and another one drops from the roof
[7:10:55 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Is it an open roof or something?
[7:11:17 PM] Henry Shore: is his defense 5 as well?
[7:11:18 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((nope, he just raped his way in))
[7:11:57 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I stand up and pull out my lighter. “Okay. I saw Star Wars, I can do this…”
[7:12:21 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Lando lights the lighter and tries to use Pyrokinesis to set the assassin on fire, flamethrower style
[7:12:41 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): //8d10
[7:12:41 PM] .:Storyteller:.: terragoetia rolled 8d10; result:
2, 5, 9, 4, 3, 8, 10, 3
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 3
[7:12:55 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): 5 dots, 3 psychics with me, 8 dice, 3 successes. I think I did it right
[7:13:32 PM] .:Storyteller:.: (indeed)
[7:13:47 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I don’t know what to do next
[7:14:07 PM] .:Storyteller:.: ((hang on I’m commin lol))
[7:16:10 PM] .:Storyteller:.: int + wits + dots
[7:16:28 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Ints and wits too?
[7:16:40 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): //6d10
[7:16:44 PM] .:Storyteller:.: terragoetia rolled 6d10; result:
6, 1, 6, 10, 8, 9
Second Rolls:
Number of Successes: 4
[7:16:50 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Four more successes for 7 total
[7:18:13 PM] .:Storyteller:.: And you set him fire with a fire ball successfully, the force causes him to blow back into the gas stove. Now would be a good time to leave
[7:18:27 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): I guess we can end combat then?
[7:18:43 PM] .:Storyteller:.: yes
[7:18:44 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): If so, I’ll grab our new friend, pull him up, and initiate Plan Get the Fuck Out
[7:19:42 PM] Henry Shore: he’s gonna be slow. henry can carry him.
[7:20:45 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): Great idea
[7:20:55 PM] .:Storyteller:.: You all book it down the stair leaving behind the gay douche clone army and a small explosion rocks that floor
[7:20:58 PM] Slade Stone: He would lead the group out quickly
[7:21:16 PM] .:Storyteller:.: it can be felt booming outside as the windows scream at the force
[7:21:48 PM] Lando Griffin (NWoD): “I wonder how many of those commandos they have.”
[7:23:48 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Craven sighs “They’ll just make more… they can’t have us running arou…” he is cut off as he is shot in the chest by a skinless clone comming down the stairs.
[7:24:27 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Alex shoots the clone in the head out of the Limo window.
[7:25:02 PM] .:Storyteller:.: D’Largian shouts “OH MY! WE have to get him to the hospital!”
[7:26:03 PM] .:Storyteller:.: Game Session End



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